Buyer and Seller: Remember to bring your photo ID to the signing. (It can be in the form of a driver’s license, passport, or other identification card)

Good Funds: Nevada is a “Good Funds” State. Buyers must have good funds to close escrow. Note: We prefer a wire transfer for closing.

Review: Inform your Escrow Officer if you need additional review time. We will try to provide documentation to you ahead of time for your review.

Special Requirements: Inform your Escrow Officer of any special requirements needed (Power of Attorney, etc). We will need to approve the document in advance or prepare one specific to the transaction.

Additional Circumstances: Inform your Escrow Officer immediately if you have any of the following circumstances: Parties Divorced or a divorce in the process, any party pertinent to the closing is deceased, any parties have or will be holding title in the name of a Trust.

Out of State: Let us know if the buyer and seller are out of state, traveling, or will require accommodations for an outside of office signing. We will be happy to coordinate this for your clients.

Communications: We want to make this process easy for you. Please inform us how you prefer to communicate and receive documentation (email, snailmail, hand delivery). Do you prefer to communicate via phone call or email?